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Appreciation to Jennifer at the Calvert Marine Museum for sending this group picture showing the Ship Fitters crew, circa 1944, including the Calvert’s mascot, “Fubar.”


A larger version of the photograph may be viewed in a new window by clicking on the image.

Additional information*

  • Pops was in charge of issuing paint from the ship’s paint locker. He was also Fubar’s owner.
  • Notice the varying shades of “blue” of the sailors’ “dixie cup” cap. Many sailors would dye their brand new white caps a dark blue.
  • All crew members in this photograph are wearing their work uniform, “dungarees.”
  • Several of the crew are wearing “tube” life belts.

* Information on crew members provided by Hoyt Worthington and William “Hunky” Habrat, September 2013, Des Moines IA, Calvert Reunion.

** Post updated on 2014-March-29 with information from Suzy Schneider, daughter of Laudell Dupree. Laudell enlisted in the Navy in May of 1943 and was honorablly discharged as a Metalsmith Second Class (M2c) in March 1946. While aboard the Calvert, Laudell was a welder. He is originally from Perryville, Arkansas and now lives in California at the age of 92.