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USS Calvert Photograph Series – San Francisco Shipyard, Februrary 1958

Here are a series of high quality photographs of the USS Calvert while she was in the San Francisco Naval Yard undergoing an overhaul. These photographs were taken on February 26th, 1958. These photographs are from the National Archives (source). You can open a larger version of each photograph by clicking on it, and it will open in a new window.

USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-001_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-002_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-003_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-004_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-005_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-006_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-007_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-008_pr


Lou Christiansen Jr., Commander USS Calvert Associates, January 2015

I am late in posting this sad news. In early January, Lou Christiansen, Commander of the USS Calvert Associates, passed away. Lou served aboard the USS Calvert during ’65 and ’66. His obituary is available here.

Louis H Christiansen









Here are a few articles on Lou and his work helping others:

  • Lou scoured the National Archives for records that would prove that the Calvert’s crew was exposed to Agent Orange during 1965 and 1966. His success in this research led to the addition of the Calvert to the VA’s “Brown Water.” Lou’s work opened the way for veterans of that time to apply for Agent Orange related illness benefits. Additional information is available here.
  • Lou’s work in co-founding of the Drug Crisis in Our Backyard is described here and here.