About the Newsletter

The Calversion, the “Official Newsletter of the Men of the USS Calvert APA-32 – The Ship and Men of Distinction” was originally compiled and published by John L. Cole, former crew member of the Calvert. M

John began publishing the Calversion in the mid-1970’s and continued through to his death in May 2013. He published volumes in January and July each year, sending out over 700 copies with each mailing.

John provided the newsletter is free of to anyone who wrote to him requesting to be added to the mailing list. John will be missed. More on John’s life and his contributions to his community in Kenyon MN and to the Calvert’s community is available here.

The USS Calvert Associates are now continuing his tradition. You may send any USS Calvert news items or photos, including information regarding the deaths of USS Calvert shipmates to: Glynna Morse – Recording Secretary, USS Calvert Associates, 701 S. Windsor St., Windsor, MO 65360. Many thanks to Glynna Moore and the officers of the Calvert Associates for keeping the newsletter and annual reunions going in John’s absence

Many thanks to John for his permission to re-publish electronic copies of the Calversion editions here

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