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USS Calvert Added to the “Brown Water” Ship List (Agent Orange Disability Claims)

Appreciation to Lou Christiansen for his work getting the Calvert on the VA’s list of ships covered for Agent Orange disability compensation.

The Calvert was added to this list in July, 2013, and the record is available here. The Calvert’s entry is below:

Calvert (APA-32)
(Amphibious Attack Transport)
Entered inland waters of Qui Nhon Bay during October 1965Served as Da Nang Harbor station ship with crewmembers going ashore from November 1965 through January 1966

Please visit the VA page here for more information about disability compensation related to Agent Orange exposure claims.

’65 – ’66 DECK LOGS

For reference, below are the deck logs that Lou obtained and submitted in his disability case that led to the confirmation that the crew of the Calvert were eligible for disability compensation based on their participation in the ’65-66 WESTPAC Cruise.

These deck log excerpts, from late-1965 to early-1966, provide anchorage and shore duty information while the Calvert was in Vietnam. This information will be helpful of members of the Calvert’s crew who are submitting claims for agent orange exposure during their time aboard the ship (while in anchored in the harbor, manning landing craft in the harbor, and duty ashore).

Many thanks to Lou Christiansen for investing time to visit the Naval archives in Maryland to obtain copies of these documents. Additional thanks to Wasey Broussard for sending these to me as electronic documents to be published on this site.

“Brown Water” Explained

If you are considering submitting an Agent Orange related disability claim, it is important to understand the distinction between “blue water” and “brown water.” Additional information is available at the following sites: