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Additional USS Calvert related sites and pages:

  • The Calvert at Wikipedia
  • The Calvert at NavSource including several pictures of the Calvert.
  • Calvert-related items on Ebay

Museum Collections Containing Calvert-related Materials

  • Calvert Marine Museum has a sizable collection of documents and photographs related to the Calvert, the Calversion, and the Calvert Reunion Association. The museum also houses artifacts saved from the Calvert just prior to her being scrapped in 1977.
    • Volunteers at the museum are actively cataloging, digitizing and archiving the thousands of photographs and documents in their possession. Most of these materials were provided by John Cole, who is the author, compiler, and publisher of the Calversion as well as the organizer for the annual USS Calvert reunions.
    • If you have USS Calvert related materials, and you don’t know what to do with it, please consider sending your materials to the Museum and they will care for it for future generations.
  • The Nimitz Library in Annapolis MD has a collection of Calvert action reports dated from November 1943 (Gilberts Islands operation) to October 1944 (Leyte operation).
  • East Carolina University has a collection of Calvert-related materials from 1943-1945, including training materials, rosters, communiques, debarkation instructions, morning orders, plans for the day, and ship’s newsletters.


  • A History of the U.S.S. Calvert (APA 32) by David B Cullen – I have yet to find a physical copy available for sale.
  • To All Hands: An Amphibious Adventure by John Mason Brown.
    • Brown was aboard the Calvert (code named Bond in the book) during operation Husky and wrote about the voyage and invasion of Sicily.
    • Most of the pictures in the book were taken aboard the Calvert and in the area of the Second Deck Division while en-route back to the eastern U.S. following the invasion of Sicily.
  • History of U.S. Naval Operations in World War II by Samuel Eliot Morison. Several volumes mention the Calvert by name and these volumes should be available in most public libraries:
      • Volume 2: Operations in North African Waters – October 1942 – June 1943 – the Calvert is mentioned by name on pages 40, 139-142), the Harry Lee is mentioned on page 26.
      • Volume 8: New Guinea and Mariana – The Calvert is mentioned by name on page 364
      • Volume 9: Sicily, Salerno, Anzio – The Calvert is mentioned by name on pages 130-131

Other APAs (Attack Transports) and WWII Amphibious-related sites

  • USS Harry Lee website. In Oct 1942 a large portion of the Harry Lee’s crew transferred to the Calvert when the Harry Lee suffered a mechanical break-down just prior to departing Norfolk, VA to participate in Operation Torch (invasion of North Africa).
  • WWII-era Amphibious Forces A great web site by Russ Padden providing materials on attach transports (APAs) and many other WWII-era naval amphibious topics and ships. Russ does a great job linking to some of the best materials available on the web for WWII related amphibious operations, ships, and crews. He also has a great deal of information available on the attack transport USS Neshoba (APA-216).

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