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In addition to anything you are wiling to share, I am actively searching for the following specific items to add to this site:

  • One copy each of earlier Calversion newsletters to complete the set available on the Newsletter page:
    • Volume 1
    • Volume 16
    • Volume 20
    • Volume 22
    • Volume 42
    • Volume 67

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  1. Ted Garcia

    You have a Great website. Have you considered putting the Ranks of all the Crew members and whatever other insignia’s they wore?

    1. Chris Funck Post author

      Thanks Ted! That’s a great idea and I’d like to make sure I understand what you are suggesting before I work on that type of information. I’ll send you an email soon. Regards, Chris

  2. Edwin M. Niemi

    What a great up-date on the Calvert. I’ve waited to find this. Great web-site. More later Ed Niemi

  3. Sue Bernier

    My dad was on this ship in WWII. I have enjoyed this website very much. I have a question on the photo of the deck crew. Is there any way to id the sailor who is in the forefront of the standing row. He is wearing a black cap and is the third or fourth from the right side. It looks like it could be my dad Laurent “Larry” Vigneault!

  4. James Danko SN 3rd Divison 1960-62

    I went aboard the CALVERT right out of boot camp in OCT 1960? We went to WEST-PAC shortly after for a 9 month tour. It was anything but a cruise. Being a deck ape I had no idea what was happening in the world We operated out of OKINAWA & tied up in BUCKNER BAY To be kept in the dark as to why we had all these MARINES on board and not knowing what our purpose was frustrating. My time on the CALVERT was a bad experience, pissed off an E-6 BOSN got put on report said screw it, shipped for 6,went to A SCHOOL and became a SONAR TECH. I hope in todays NAVY the BOSNS changed their attitudes? Yelling and demanding gets you nowhere!

    1. Linda Mundale (Bill Hicks)

      You mentioned USS Calvert 1960-Westpac and Marines on board. Were these Marines transported to shore Vietnam? My late husband talked about transporting Marines to Vietnam and also about a Charley wounded in the battle. I would appreciate information regarding this time on the Calvert. Actually, my husband died of Asbestos lung cancer, as stated by his doctor, the Pathologist who performed the autopsy, and on his death certificate. He had quit smoking 27 years before his death, yet the claim was denied, stating the cause of his cancer was smoking. I would like to know if the Calvert was in brown water (Agent Orange). If you can give me any information. I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. james danko

    I knew a Hicks on board Calvert during my tour. We never went Brown Water nor put troops ashore in Viet Nam. The only place [ if my memory serves me right] that we put troops ashore was in Borneo on a practice landing for some big invasion. The rest of the time at sea or Okinawa and other ports. If you would call me and I could explain the posability of the ? of the Asbestos. 760-489-8754. Hope this helps.

  6. Ed Fox

    I believe the crew picture in WWII Group Photographs may have my father pictured. First man from the left kneeling might be Ron Fox of Muskegon Michigan. My father did say he was aboard the Calvert in Tokyo Bay darning the Japanese surrender. He landed on Saipan and other landings and was a boat crew member.
    Ron passed away last year and I have just found this site so can not confirm it with him.

    1. Chris Funck Post author

      Thank you Ed for visiting the site and your comment about your father’s time aboard the Calvert. I am very sorry to hear of his passing. At this year’s reunion I’ll ask the four WWII-era shipmates who plan to attend if they remember your father and can place him in the photograph of the boat crew. Regards, Chris.

  7. Charles

    I found a cigarette lighter with the uss calvert insignia and likeness on it. Is be happy to give it to a Calvert vet

  8. Lawrence E. Martin

    What an amazing site. My granddaughter brought it to my attention.

    I served aboard the Calvert from November 1961 until May 1963, as one of her radiomen. I have so many memories aboard the old girl. Had a band and played at the various seaports. Was aboard her when we got caught in Typhoon Tiger, in Hong Kong harbor.

    Looking forward to exploring this site more in depth.

    Thank you so much for making it available.

    Not sure what you mean by Website (below), but I do have a blog.


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