Landing Craft

The Calvert’s primary purpose was to put troops ashore via landing craft: LCPs, LCVPs, LCMs and other small craft. This section provides information on the types of landing craft used by the crew.

  • WWII-era films showing the Calvert’s landing craft in action, along with WWII-era landing craft training films.
  • Pictures of the Calvert’s landing craft in action during a training exercise, WESTPAC 1962 & 1964.
  • Skill in the Surf (US Navy, circa 1945) provides a deep dive into Landing Craft boats and tactics during the WWII era.

Skill in the Surf - A Landing Boat Manual - February 1945


Here are several vintage movies showing a variety of landing craft in action. Although these movies do not specifically show the Calvert’s landing craft, they do represent what it was like for the Calvert’s crew to train and participate in amphibious operations during the course of her service:

 WWII Landing Boat Tactics – Part 1 – “Attack!”

WWII Landing Boat Tactics – Part 2 – “Supply”

US Amphibious Landing Exercises in the Chesapeake Bay, circa WWII


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