1965-66 WestPac Cruise Photographs | Ensign Philip K. Selden

Mr. Philip Selden contacted me and also sent the following photographs taken during the 1965-1966 WestPac cruise. He was aboard the Calvert from June 1965 to May 1966, and left her at Hunter’s Point as she was being deactivated and being converted to a training vessel.

These are great photographs from the Calvert’s last days at sea:

4 thoughts on “1965-66 WestPac Cruise Photographs | Ensign Philip K. Selden

  1. Ken Knudson

    I would like to been able to see the rest of the pics.
    I got the 1st 5 or 6, but the rest were blank. I remember both Ens. Seldom, and Ens. Daley, and Chief McMillion.
    BM3 Ken Knudson, ’62 – ‘ 65.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Ken, there may be too many pictures for your computer to load. I will send you direct links to each photo via email over the next day or two.



  2. Jorge de la Rosa RM3

    I was on the Calvert Jan 65 until decommission in OR division. Best pictures of that time period I have seen.

  3. Tom Morton

    I agree with Jorge (in the cruise book our an OR2)! I still have my cruise book from that deployment and enjoy going through it every so often. These pictures just add to that pleasure. I spent a lot of my time on the Calvert in the radio room as a messenger ( I was TOD waiting to enter Sonar School in Key West). I remember Jorge very well along with the rest of the Radio Gang.


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