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USS Calvert Photograph Series – San Francisco Shipyard, Februrary 1958

Here are a series of high quality photographs of the USS Calvert while she was in the San Francisco Naval Yard undergoing an overhaul. These photographs were taken on February 26th, 1958. These photographs are from the National Archives (source). You can open a larger version of each photograph by clicking on it, and it will open in a new window.

USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-001_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-002_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-003_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-004_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-005_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-006_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-007_pr USS Calvert (APA-32) - rg19nn-b1569-008-008_pr


USS Calvert Photograph – Japan, October 1945

I found this photograph of the Calvert on EBay. It is labeled Hiro Wan*, Japan, October 1945, It’s a great picture of the Calvert. Although she looks rather weathered and I suspect that she was undergoing a major overhaul: All landing craft are missing and paint crews are visible along the side of the ship. A larger photograph can be viewed by clicking on the image.

USS Calvet (APA-32) - 1945 - 600dpi-GS

* Not Hiro Way as I originally posted.

Calvert’s Departments and Divisions, Circa early-to-mid 1960s

  •  Boat: Responsible for the operation and maintenance of all ship’s boats and boat equipment, and for providing boat crews trained in boat engineering and amphibious boat operations.
    • BC Division
    • BE Division
  • Deck: Responsible for the supervision of deck seamanship operations and evolutions; for the employment and maintenance of the armament and ordnance equipment of the ship; and for the supervision of loading, unloading, and stowage of cargo; and launching and hoisting of boats.
    • 1st Deck Division
    • 2nd Deck Division
    • 3rd Deck Division
    • 4th Deck Division
  • Engineering Department: Responsible for the operation, care and maintenance of the vessel’s main propulsion plant, auxiliary machinery, and piping systems; for the control of damage; for the operation and maintenance of electric power generators and distribution systems; for repairs to ship’s hull and for repairs to material and equipment of other departments which were beyond the capacity of other departments.
    • A Division: Fresh water, air conditioning, steering gear, repaired winches for the cargo booms, repaired and maintained the motors on all of the boats on board. A Divsion personnel were also on all the boats when they were operating, in landing operations, and on liberty and mail runs in port.
    • B Division: Boiler Room, steam generation and fuel oil for boilers
    • E Division: Electrical Equipment, lighting, electric motors
    • M Division: Ship’s propulsion and steam electrical generators
    • R Division: Damage Control, Welding and woodworking. pipe fitting and plumbing
  • Medical Department: Responsible for maintaining the health of the personnel of the command, making inspections incident thereto and advising the Commanding Officer with respect to hygiene and sanitation affecting the command. They also supervised the ship’s training program in health, and first aid, and during general quarter or other emergencies in care for the sick and injured
    • H Division
  • Navigation Department: Responsible for the safe navigation and piloting of the ship. They also planned and directed the training of deck watch officers and maintained all navigation equipment and the spaces where such equipment was located.
    • N Division
  • Operations Department: Responsible for the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of combat, tactical, and operational information. In addition they obtained clearances and operating area assignments incident to the movements and operations of the ship.
    • OS Division
    • OR Division
    • OI Division
    • X Division
  • Supply Department: Responsible for procuring, receiving, storing, issuing, shipping, transferring, selling, accounting for, and maintaining all stores and equipment of the command. They also administered the ship’s operating allotment and coordinated the preparation and subdivision of departmental operating budgets.
      • S Division
      • S-5 Division

 Sources: 1964 WEST PAC Cruise Book and Steve Straka

Calvert’s “duck tail” stern and aft 5″ gun

Here is a photograph of the Calvert’s “duck tail” stern and her aft 5″ gun, circa 1943-45.



Appreciation and thanks to Robert McClellan for sharing this picture from his father’s collection. Robert’s father, H.W. “Mack” McClellan, served aboard the Calvert as a hospital corpsman from 1943 to 1945.

Notes: 1) Thanks to Wasey Broussard for correcting my error on this picture. The 5″ aft gun is visible, not the 3″ aft gun as I had originally posted. 2) Edited on 2014-04-05 to improve the post and to add cross-links.