WWII: 1942 – 1947

This section is a work in progress and a lot more content will be added over time. For now, here are some excellent materials from the Calvert’s WWII-era.


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  2. Edward Smith

    I finally found my Dad’s journal from WWII. I will list the important stuff. It is old, so I am not sure about photocopying any of the pages. Will take it to the library and see if they can help me to record some of the pages to post on this site for you all to enjoy.
    This is my dad’s list of ships served on:
    U.S.S. Calvert – P.A.32 – Sept. 42 – March 45
    U.S.S. Carroll – P.A.28 – April 43
    U.S.S. Andromeda – K.A.15 – May 43
    U.S.S. Stanton – P.A.69 – August 43

    This is his list of invasions:
    Africa – Safi Nov 7 ,42
    Sicily – Scogletti July 10,1943
    Italy – Salerno September 3, 1943
    S .France – Marseilles June 6, 1944
    Okinawa – Soto April 1, 1945

    The rest of the pages are notable events he either took part in or occurred while he was serving.

    1. Chris Funck Post author

      Hi Edward,

      Thank you for visiting the Calvert web site and for this information on your father. I’m looking forward to anything you are wiling to share to published on the site.

      One question: What is your father’s name?


      Chris Funck


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